Game Name: Car Snake
Developer: Piotr Klimko
Release Date: April 30, 2016
Platforms: App Store (iPhone® & iPad®). Google Play.
Languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Polski, русский язык, 正体字, 日本語, 한국어

So it's not an entirely new game idea?

Piotr: Yes and no. It is basically a snake game. A concept well known and liked by players. But there is something unseen in other games of the genre: 360 degrees freedom of movement. You may drive your car, well, like a car on a square - in any direction.

Is it your first game?

Piotr: No, in fact I might call myself a veteran. The first computer game I had my part in making was an adventure game for Commodore Amiga computer released in 1997. But later I studied economy and worked in several banks. I always wanted to come back to gamedev though and I took my chance in 2012 when I released a series of successful word games for Android. Later came Precision Driving 3D - a simple car driving game which idea was to drive past a series of checkpoint avoiding hitting cones. This was a real success and a kickstarter for my little one-man gamedev studio. Still, my operations are small. I take joy in bringing new ideas to life and I love when people play these games.

What does it mean to be and indie gamedev for you?

Piotr: As I just said: I love when my games are being played. And gamers need to know that by playing my games they do not help a CEO buy his new yacht. They help 2 little girls and one boy pay for what they need for school and they help their mom and dad put food on the table.


* Collect cars. Fully unlicensed, blocky, voxely cars. Form a long, long car "snake".
* 360 degrees freedom of movement.
* Scissors to cut the snake length a bit.
* Free to play.


Code: Piotr Klimko
Sound: Piotr Klimko
Art: Piotr Klimko and Synty Studios


Inquiries: pressnothing@klimko.nothingnet
Twitter: Piotr @piotr_klimko


Gameplay Launch Trailer:

Screenshots and Logos: (1.2 .zip)
Assets inside the zip listed below:



Screenshots - 768x1024

Piotr Klimko © 2016